7th Generation Family-Owned Farm

Farming runs deep in our veins. Beginning back before the 1850's our family was farming. Each generation growing, adapting, and evolving to more streamlined and environmentally friendly approaches while still providing quality farm products.


We started our farm in Gilmanton in 2016 continually improving our efforts to improve efficiency for minimal cost to our customers, while optimizing for best quality in taste and health.


Meet The Farmers

Cory and Elizabeth Bower purchased their farm in Gilmanton in 2016. It was raw land with a home. Through their efforts, they have established the well working farm that it is today. 

Elizabeth comes from generation after generation of farmers including her own small family farm that she grew up on with cows and pigs. She would visit her grandmother during the summers and help with the large dairy farm mucking the stalls, feeding the calves, milking, and stacking hay bales. 

Cory grew up in the city of Niagara Falls but always loved the outdoors and wanted a different life for himself. He had friends that he would go hunting with and enjoyed hiking. Soon, he and Elizabeth met in 2013 and their dreams became one. Fast forward 3 years and they turned their dreams into a working farm that has continued to grow ever since. 



People often ask how we can spend so much time with our animals and getting close to them. The answer is simple. Animals deserve to live a good, natural, and healthy life with kindness and compassion. They serve a greater purpose in our life and for that, they deserve daily belly rubs and our time. 

We provide the most natural habitat possible to our animals. Our pigs are rotated on wood lots so they can root and eat acorns as they naturally would do in the wild. Our poultry are able to roam freely, scratch, and peck the earth. Our rabbits roam freely and burrow in their own area. Each animal lives their life on our farm doing what they would naturally. 

Where Can You Find Our Products?

At the Farm!!
Gilmanton's Own
Pittsfield, NH
Alton Country Store
The Makers Bazaar- Rochester, NH


99 Hatch Rd

Gilmanton IW, NH 03837



Farm Hours

Always open, visits by appointment only. We are a working farm. 

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